Perspectives from young people


Ich & Du & Wer?‘ This is the motto for this year’s festival ‘Junges Theater im Delta‘. From June 15-19, 2018, over 300 children and teens will attend presentations, workshops and discussions to engage with the topic of privilege. The Junges Theater im Delta will be accompanied by a documentation team ZOOM (also comprised of young people) that will present their research results at the Theaterfestival Schwindelfrei. In this way, youthful artistic perspectives on this year’s topic can be seen and heard.

Artistic Direction: Lea Langenfelder.

In cooperation with the Jungen Bürgerbühne Mannheim

Donnerstag 28. Juni, 18:20 Uhr
→ Festivalzentrum Eintanzhaus in der Trinitatiskirche

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