Open Space: Moving Stories

If stories were given space, if the places that surround us became ‘our places’, if these places took on new meanings through the experiences of others and would be heard for the fi rst time, then MOVING STORIES would have succeeded in really setting something in motion. This installation focuses on the personal stories of Mannheimers. We all have personal places – places where we have experienced special events, places that have shaped us. MOVING STORIES has sought out such stories in order to present a very subjective look at Mannheim that is sometimes funny, sometimes moving, and at times critical – but always totally personal. At the Festivalzentrum EinTanzHaus in the Trinitatiskirche, MOVING STORIES will allow visitors to experience all of these collected places and we believe that these stories should be heard.

Speaker: Monika Margret Steger / Artistic Direction: Franziska von Plocki / Photography: Mareike Bundschuh / Construction: Architekturbüro Yalla Yalla

With thanks to all the authors!

The installation was made under the framework of moving space: Jugendkulturzentrumforum/ Stadtjugendring, and supported by the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung and in cooperation with the Jugendkulturzentrum forum.

––> On all festival days
––> Festivalzentrum c/o EinTanzHaus in der Trinitatiskirche