Magnetic Poetry Wall

Especially privileged festival visitors will have the opportunity to leave their poetic flashes of inspiration on a magnetic poetry wall. How and in what form these privileged few will be able to share their thoughts on the wall will be decided on site. Also the quality of terms that can be used will depend on the amount of privilege each person has in their privilege account. The resulting poetry on the wall will be documented by the Kollektiv Junge Literatur (Young Literary Collective) and will influence the documentation of the festival itself.

Since the beginning of the year, the newly founded literary collective Junge Literatur has been meeting once a month in Theaterhaus G 7 in order to bring literature in an experimental form to public spaces. The collective will try to capture and document the festival in a literary form through its own poetry and prose.


With: Paula Franke, Lucia Leidenfrost, David Zimmermann


In cooperation with Kollektiv Junge Literatur Mannheim

Donnerstag 28. Juni bis Samstag 30. Juni, ab 18 Uhr
––>Festivalzentrum c/o EinTanzHaus in der Trinitatiskirche