Mumuvitch Disko Orkestar

The Mumuvitch Disko Orkestar consists of eleven characters with minds of their own – they fight, repel, love and complete each other. They are indeed a dying breed: an authentic big band whose sound is hand-made, original, put together and polished. Their live shows are more than just a spectacle or dance party. On stage, they bundle their strength and melt into one huge body of sound – exhibiting a real joy of playing and a mania for music. With fantasy, love and skill, the Orkestar produces a sound that falls between hip-hop, punk rock, Balkan beats and ska. This band explodes live on stage!

With: Felix Weber (Gesang/Querflöte), Philip Fischer (Geige), Julia Zinn (Klarinette), Gesa Schulze (Saxophon), Daniel Kauer (Rap/Posaune), Jonas Ade (Akkordeon Synthies), Benjamin Grän (Sousaphon), Rebecca Mauch (Bass), Michel Maurer (Schlagzeug 1), Thilo Eichhorn (Schlagzeug 2)

Donnerstag 28. Juni, 21:00 Uhr
––> Festivalzentrum c/o EinTanzHaus in der Trinitatiskirche