Soft Variations



We perceive the world through diff erent categories constructed in juxtaposition – nature and culture, black and white, the west and the other, the known and unknown. Each of these constellations contains ideological power relations in which one category is defi ned as better, more developed and more valuable than another. ‘Soft Variations’ is a score for non-white performers from Mannheim and Helsinki. The abstract and playful choreography for professional and non-professional performers opens a playing fi eld where questions of blackness and postmodernity, otherness, and seeming neutrality are unsettled. Through small variations, meanings are deconstructed and new ones created. The performers occupy the stage and softly challenge our existing ways of seeing. ‘Soft Variations’ is a part of a series of works on blackness by Sonya Lindfors.

SONYA LINDFORS is a choreographer and artistic director (UrbanApa – arts platform) and lives in Helsinki. For the 2017/2018 season, she is the house choreographer at Zodiak-Center for New Dance and in 2017, Lindfors was awarded Artist of the year by the Helsinki municipality. In all her work, Lindfors constantly pursues shaking and challenging existing power structures and empowering the community.

Choreography: Sonya Lindfors / Dance: Esete Sutinen, Zen Jefferson

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This production is part of Theaterparcours 1

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