Lea Aderjan & Karoline Vogt


Nur mein Leben’ is a collaboration between professional and amateur performers. In cooperation with the Mannheim Vesperkirchenchor and based on interviews with choir members, the topic of privilege is illuminated from the perspectives of those who do not seem to have any. The interviews are put together in a text that is performed in an interplay between the choir and an actress. This piece challenges us to rethink – what are privileges really? “This is my privilege: time,” says Wolfgang, a member of the choir. “But I take this privilege for myself, I do not have anyone who provides this for me.” Presumably, freedom is a privilege, but what in our lives makes us really free? “I have often noticed that the people who only think about money are in a poorer situation than I am. For what more can you do than to eat a little something every day and to have a roof over your head?” Wolfgang asks.

LEA ADERJAN is a director who primarily works with amateurs. KAROLINE VOGT is a musician and has been the director of Vesperkirchenchor Mannheim since 2014. They met each other while working in the theater group Impro² at the Jugendkulturzentrum forum. Resulting from their collaboration was the immersive theater project ‘Geschlossene Gesellschaft’ (private party/closed society). They will create their second collaborative project for the Theaterfestival Schwindelfrei.

This production is part of Theaterparcours 1

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