Michelle Cheung & Julie Pécard

Dance Installation

‘Circo’ is a spectacle and a game show by and with three dancers and one actor. Here, the audience decides how the show will go on. The dance installation challenges the body images and the power structures of the stage itself – as part of the theater as an institutional system with all its clichés. Do the dancers have any influence over how they are seen or does the audience buy this privilege when they purchase their theater tickets? Who controls the final product? The game show follows the dancers from the glamor and limelight on the front stage, all the way into the darkness backstage. What sacrifices must be made? Find out what eerie secrets are lurking behind the curtain. The performance is live and cannot be replicated – you have the power to determine the outcome.

MICHELLE CHEUNG and JULIE PÉCARD met each other while studying dance at the Vancouverbased Arts Umbrella Dance Company. Between 2009 and 2010, both of them came to the Nationaltheater
Mannheim and were part of choreographer Kevin O’Day’s dance ensemble for many years. Now, they work as independent artists in Mannheim and have done work for other dance companies such as La_Trottier
Dance Collective. For the Theaterfestival Schwindelfrei, they will create their third collaborative choreography after producing ‘UN/feminine’ (2016) and ‘en passant’ (2018).

This production is part of Theaterparcours 2

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