Parcours 2

In Performance Route 2, plays a performer from Tehran with the power of the gaze; the audience must decide how an odd game played by the three dancers will end; and two white performers explore the ‘trans-racial’ and the limits of potential indignation.

Mit: Anna Júlia Amaral & Nina Weber/ Michelle Cheung&Julie Pécard/  Azade Shahmiri

Premiere: 28. Juni 19 Uhr
29. Juni, 30. Juni 19 Uhr / 01. Juli 17 & 19:30 Uhr


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Bild © Zarvan Rouhbakhshan


Bild © Zarvan Rouhbakhshan




Anna Júlia Amaral & Nina Weber


In 2015, Rachel Dolezal made headlines. For years, as a purportedly African-American herself, she was an engaged civil rights activist in African-American communities and an adjunct professor for African and African-American Studies. Then her parents provided the press with a photo from Rachel’s childhood showing her as a young, blond, blue-eyed white girl. As a white woman who for years told everyone she was black, Rachel, after being exposed, remarked that she was ‘trans racial’ and that she identified as black. She set off a flurry of debates about political correctness and identity.

In the performance, #Race, two white women with two white bodies deal with this sensitive issue and sound out the limits of potential indignation. The performance negotiates current topics in identity politics such as: who speaks in public for whom and where can individuals express themselves in all their multi-faceted forms of being?

From and with Anna Júlia Amaral & Nina Weber



Julie Pécard & Michelle Cheung


Circo is a spectacle and a game show by and with three dancers. Here, the audience decides how the show will go on.

The dance installation Circo challenges the body images and the power structures of the stage itself - as part of the theater as an institutional system with all its stereotypes. Do the dancers have any influence over how they are seen or does the audience buy this privilege when they purchase their theater ticket? Who controls the final product? The performance is structured like a game show with its glamor and limelight front stage extending all the way to behind the curtain backstage. What sacrifice must be made? Find out what strange things are lurking behind the curtain. The performance is live and cannot be replicated – you have the power.

Choreografie & Tanz Michelle Cheung & Julie Pécard / Tanz Antoni Androulakis / Schauspiel Oliver Jaksch / Dramaturgie Guido Preuß / Musik & Komposition Steffen Dix.



Azade Shahmiri


Othering is a term that means to make something ‘strange.’ It describes a process in which people are constructed as ‘other’ and are differentiated from a ‘we.’ Othering is part of our daily process of perception and identity construction and contains potential for hierarchical and stereotypical thinking. The situation in a theater can also be an othering situation. Those who are on the stage creating a theater piece have the power of storytelling in their hands. Who is more privileged – the invisible person in the dark or the one in the spotlight?  Unperforming is a poetic attempt to understand the hierarchy imposed by the act of seeing and being seen. Azade Shahmiri plays with light, darkness and information and in doing so, playfully takes apart the codes and hierarchies involved in classic theater behavior.

Director & Performance: Azade Shahmiri / Text: Soheil Amirsharif